About Us

Our Community

Masjid Al-Wahyain Islamic Center is a mixed and diverse, growing Muslim community comprising of different backgrounds located in the hub of Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota, USA striving to be upon the Qur’an & Sunnah according to the understanding of the of the the beloved companions of the Messenger of Allah ( ﷺ ), and righteous early generations of Muslims.

Masjid Al-Wahyain Islamic Center is not centralized around any particular nationality or any form of partisanship to any group, rather we are a collective group of Muslims that unite ourselves under the pure call of Islamic monotheism, under the guidance of the well-grounded Scholars of al-Islam.

Islamic Center  Services & Activities

Al-Wahyain Islamic Center is a community center that is focused on providing spiritual development, worship services as well as other additional activities and services that benefit our community.

We offer a number of services for the community;

General Services to Local Community:

o  Five daily prayers
o  Friday prayer and sermon (khuṭbah)
o  ʿĪd Prayer and Festivities
o  Local zakāh al-Fiṭr (charity) distribution
o  Weekend Islamic School Service
o  Communal Ifṭār
o  Tarāwīḥ prayers (in Ramadan)
o  Marriage Services & counseling
o  Weekly Educational Classes
o   Educational Events / Seminars

Educational Services

  • Weekly Local Classes: Masjid al-Waḥyain provides weekly local classes focused on the basics of islamic beliefs (creed) as well as other foundational topics.
  • Intensive Educational Weekend Seminars: Masjid al-Waḥyain establishes regular weekend seminars with well-known students of knowledge and callers to Islām. The Masjid has hosted several seminars with Islāmic University graduates and well-known callers to Islām in America.


  • Weekend School (MAW Academy): Masjid al-Waḥyain has established a weekend Qurʾān School (MAW Academy) which teaches Qurʾān memorization as well as other important subjects such as Islamic Beliefs (ʿaqīdah) and Islamic jurisprudence of worship (fiqh), as well as character building lessons such as Mannerisms  and upright character (akhlaaq) boys and girls in order to build well mannered youth to grow as positive influences in society.

Community Outreach Efforts:

  • Helping non-Muslims in their path towards Islam:
    • Assisted Shahadah: Several non-Muslims have embraced Islām at Masjid al-Waḥyain since its opening four years ago.
    • New Muslim Care Package: Every new Muslim has been given a care package to assist them in establishing their feet firmly in Islām.
    • Mentoring: Each new Muslim is connected with established Muslims from the community in order to provide support and to help ease their transition into Islām.

Authentic Local Bookstore (Maktabah Al-Wahyain Bookstore)

  • Selling of Authentic Islamic Books: The Masjid bookstore (Maktabah al- al-Waḥyain) sells over 130 different titles from various scholars past and present. From the likes of Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim to more contemporary scholars like Shaykh al-Albānī, Shaykh al-ʿUthaymīn, Shaykh Fawzān and others, the Masjid al-Waḥyain bookstore offers local Muslims access to English books that are otherwise unavailable in the region.

Vision Plan

Masjid Al-Waḥyain Islamic Center has vision plan centered around establishing a community based upon authentic knowledge and referring to the qualified scholars of Islam. Our vision is summarized with the following;

  • Tasfiyah (Purification) & Tarbiyah (Cultivation): This is the foundation of cultivating our community upon authentic knowledge – disseminated in the language that is accessible to the people, as well as purifying Islam from corrupt beliefs and deviant, extreme understandings.
  • Being Transparent, Manifest & Clear in our Call & Methodology: We hold transparency to be important so that people understand our call and understanding. Clarity regarding our beliefs, our understanding as well as sources from which we refer our knowledge is instrumental in being transparent.
  • Connecting the People to Qualified Scholars of Islam: It is paramount that we put forward only qualified people of knowledge for proper teaching and understanding of the religion.
  • Cooperation & Collaboration: We cooperate and collaborate with the various Mosques and Islamic Centers in the United States / Canada / UK &  Worldwide who maintain the pure methodology of the pious predecessors, free from extremism and deviated beliefs.
  • Strong Focus on Disseminating & Spreading Authentic Knowledge from its correct sources in educating the people through various mediums such as;
o   Classes / Lectures
o   Khuṭab (Sermons)
o   Da’wah within Colleges/Universities
o   CD’s / Pamphlets
o   Beneficial Fatāwā’ (via Qualified Scholars)
o   Translations
o   Website Content
o   Social Media
o   Mailing Lists / Newsletters
o   Events / Seminars
  • At-Tamyīz (Distinction): A core component of our vision is having clarity in our call, and being clear & distinct from deviant understandings.  We aim to achieve this by aligning our efforts with those who properly uphold the principles of the Creed & Islamic Belief (Aqeedah) & Methodology of the early generations righteous predecessors, and distancing ourselves from organizations & groups who have innovated deviant ideologies in religion, in order to provide and maintain the clarity in the pure authentic call to Islam – free from deviation and extremism. 
o   Educating the people regarding the guidance of the Prophet (ﷺ)
o   Implementation of these pure Islamic beliefs and foundations in its various forms.
o   Making clear that which opposes the foundations (bid’ah – religious innovation)
o   Freeing ourselves from those who falsely / improperly apply the religion. 
  • Warning Against Deviant / Extremist Calls & Ideologies: We strive based upon the guidance’s of the scholars to counter extremism & terrorism in all its forms. We also aim to provide clarity in the reality of the extremist calls and expose the methods used by fanatical preachers to lure our youth to extremism.
    Please see our video series entitled: “Warning Against ISIS & Khārijī Ideologies in Our Era