[Video]: There is No Difference Between Terrorism Perpetrated By Muslims or Non-Muslims | Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣaghīr ʿAkkūr

There is No Difference Between Terrorism Perpetrated By Muslims or Non-Muslims | Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣaghīr ʿAkkūr

The Questioner: May Allāh grant you good Shaykh. What is the position of Sunnī Muslims regarding acts of terrorism and destruction? And is there a difference between terrorist acts that are perpetrated by those who ascribe to Islām and terrorist acts that are perpetrated by non-Muslims?

The reason for this question is that there was an explosion or a bombing at one of the Mosques in our area last Saturday and we were considering spreading a clarification regarding acts of terrorism regardless of whether they are perpetrated by Muslims or non-Muslims.

Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣaghīr ʿAkkūr: “All praise is due to Allāh the Lord of creation, and may the prayers of peace and blessings of Allāh be upon Muḥammad his family and companions. And to proceed, these actions of destruction for which nothing is sought except the disruption of peace regardless of whether it occurs in a Muslim or non-Muslim community. And this is something that does not please the Muslim.

The Muslim is not pleased by this regardless of whether it occurs in the land of Islām or the land of disbelief because this is from treachery and deception and Allāh the Majestic and Mighty says while addressing the Prophet (r): ‘And if you fear treachery from a people, throw  back [their treaty] to them [so as to be] on equal terms.  Certainly, Allāh does not like those who are treacherous.’ [Sūrah al-Anfāl 8: 58]  So the action by definition is not lawful regardless of what community it occurs in. Then if it is perpetrated by a Muslim, even if it happens in a disbelieving community, then this involves much corruption.

Firstly, the oppressive loss of life without justification. What have the women and children done?! And what have the people who are at work doing their jobs done?! They are not the cause of any harm or evil.

Secondly, if this has occurred from someone who ascribes to Islām, then this individual harms the Muslims with this action. They will incite the anger of the non-Muslims who will seek to retaliate against the Muslim who subjected them to harm. And Allāh the Majestic and Exalted has certainly forbidden the Muslims from insulting non-Muslims or associationists (mushrikūn) as He the Mighty and majestic says: ‘Do not insult those who they call upon besides Allāh lest they insult Allāh in enmity without knowledge.’ [Sūrah al-Anʿām 6: 108] So what comes as a result of bombing regardless of whatever community it may occur in is that it involves both the oppressor and the oppressed and is not lawful.

And thirdly, when this occurs from a Muslim group or other than a Muslim group, then it becomes obligatory upon the students of knowledge specifically, and upon the Muslims generally, to be displeased with such an action even if it occurred in a non-Muslim land or even if it happened in the land of associationism (shirk).And I recall from our Shaykh, Shaykh Aḥmad [al-Najmī] –may Allāh have mercy upon him- that when the bombing of the world trade center occurred, when he was informed of it, he said: ‘To Allāh we belong and unto Allāh we will all return. This action is not pleasing to Allāh.’

This is corruption in the land. And why would they do such a thing? Did they successfully counteract associationism (shirk), idolatry, Judaism and Christianity with this action? They did not counteract these things, but rather they have only counteracted Islām.They distorted its reputation of Islām and undermined it making it seem as though Islām is the source of terrorism. They have made it such that every affliction that befalls them must have its source in Islām. This is not permissible and it is not pleasing to any person of sound intellect even before a Muslim or student of knowledge.

I hold that the students of knowledge specifically and the Muslims in general should clarify their position regarding these affairs and how it is not permissible to engage in them regardless of whether it is perpetrated by a Muslim or non-Muslim.

This is what is obligatory upon the student of knowledge and the Muslim; that they should not be pleased with corruption in the land. ‘And Allāh does not like those who spread corruption.’ [Sūrah al-Māʾidah 5: 64] And Allāh knows best.”

Translated By: Abul-Layth Qāsim Mutiva

Important Note: This video was in response to the August 5th, 2017 explosion at a Bloomington, MN Mosque

[see CNN story link for details of the incident]







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