Update: Masjid Al-Wahyain Break-In – 9/28/16


Al hamdu lillah,in the last 24 hours  we have received overwhelming support locally and from al over the world with donations totalling over $3,500 subhan Allah! 

The donations have come in locally, from PayPal, from bank transfers and other ways of support! The community is truly blessed and with all praise for Allah, this is a heartwarming feeling to see the support that has reached us from Ahlus Sunnah to help us recover from this temporary situation.

We will be able to recover and get back to functional capability by replacing the sound equipment that was stolen.

We will also be able to use the remaining funds to cover and fix the damages to the facility, as well as securing the premises with a security system. We will be working to get the damages fixed and other vendors to get the place secure int he coming days.

We want to thank of of those who have donated during this time of difficulty, and the support from the various centers & masaajid upon the blessed, pure call of da’wah as-salafiyyah.

This is a testament once again to the Unity felt from ahlus sunnah, showing the unity, love & support that is present for one another across the globe! 

May Allah reward all of the people, Masaajid & maraakiz that have helped us during this incident.

We will keep everyone updated as we stabalize & secure the facility.

Barak Allahu Feekum,
Masjid Al-Waḥyain


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