[UPDATE – 5/15/17]: Masjid Al-Wahyain Building Security Upgrades

Masjid Al-Wahyain Building Security Upgrades (5/15/17)

In 2016 we had a security breach where someone broke & entered into Masjid Al-Wahyain, causing property damage and burglarizing a number of items from the masjid. Al-hamdu lillah with much support locally and internationally, we were able to raise all of the funds needed to replace the property damage and make some security upgrades to the facility wa lillahil hamd!

The masjid has invested in a security system that will cover key areas of surveillance and entry/exit points around the existing building.

Process of Securing Inside & Outside of the Masjid;

(Part 1): Security camera surveillance: 
– Multiple high quality security cameras covering various areas inside, and outside of the building to create 24hrs monitored closed-circuit surveillance of the facility.
– 7 cameras have been installed, setup and configured along with the digital system al-hamdu lillah.

• (Part 2): Metal door setup/installation on main entrances: 
– Metal secure doors to be fitted on the inside entrances, along with a control access to prevent tampering of the main entry points.
– 3 doors to be fitted in the building to create a strong, secure first barrier in the building, and to help monitor compromised access.

• (Part 3): Upgrade to sound system:
– Upgrades in multiple areas of the building for secure sound system in the drop-ceiling.
– Sound in the drop-ceiling will help create a simple, low-profile sound footprint in the existing building on both the brothers and sisters side.

Working with Local Authorities

During this process, we have been working with local authorities (St. Paul Police) on attempting to chase leads on those involved in the incident last year. No one has been apprehended and the police have taken note of the details from the burglary incident to aid their ongling investigation. We will update on any new information in that regard in sha Allah.

Update (5/15/17):

Much effort has gone since the burglary into assessing the overall security needs and proper work needed to secure the building properly. We have negotiated the work necessary and have gone forward with setting the foundations for the process of getting the work complete.

With Allāh’s permission, we have completed majority of the installation of the surveillance camera work around Masjid Al-Wahyain. We will be finishing th final parts of the camera work soon and moving onto other parts of securing the building in the coming days in sha Allah.

Camera Installation (Part 1)

Thanks & Appreciation:

We wanted to give a word of thanks and appreciation to all of those who aided from Ahlus-Sunnah with support, kind words and assistance with donations to recover from this incident coming from locally, nationally and internationally! Words cannot express how thankful we are to everyone for where we are today. We are truly blessed to have such support for the masjid & the community! We hope to keep everyone updated as things progress with the project in sha Allah.

Barak Allahu Feekum,
Admin, Masjid Al-Waḥyain (5/15/17)


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