[Exclusive] The Esteemed Muftī Of Saudi Arabia On The Prophetic Call To Monotheism (Tawḥīd) | Shaykh ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz Āl Al-Shaykh

The Esteemed Muftī Of Saudi Arabia Shaykh ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz Āl Al-Shaykh On The Prophetic Call To Monotheism (Tawḥīd):

The Questioner: May Allāh reward you with good. We understand from the speech of the Prophet () that the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. And we likewise understand from this their responsibility and their precedence in calling the people to monotheism (tawḥīd) and clarifying the danger of associationism (shirk) and conveying the message of Islām.

And generally from among us in the West and more specifically in America; there are from among the people those who believe that they understand monotheism (tawḥīd) properly and that they fulfill it and apply it in the manner that it should be applied while in reality they oppose it and perhaps even invalidate it.

So we request of you that you might address these people with your speech from the likes of the Jews, Christians, ignorant people amongst the Muslims as well as the people of other religions; we request of you a concise word of advice in which you might clarify for them monotheism (tawḥīd) and the call of the prophets so that we might translate it and spread it among them so that we might also be able to say to them that this is the advice of our scholars which is specifically for you. Perhaps you might listen to it, reflect upon it and benefit from it.

Shaykh ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz Āl al-Shaykh: “Allāh the Majestic and Most High says: And We have not sent before you any messenger except that We have revealed to him that, there is no deity except Me, so worship Me.’ [Sūrah al-Anbiyāʾ 21:25]

And Allāh says: And I [Allāh] did not create the spirits nor mankind except that they should worship Me.’ [Sūrah al-Dhāriyāt 51:56] So humankind has been created for the worship of Allāh. And all of the messengers were sent to convey this monumental affair.

So they would call the servants to the monotheistic worship of Allāh, and to dedicate all of one’s religion to Him alone and to direct all of one’s supplications, love, fear and hope to Him exclusively. And [also] that they would not worship anything except for Him.

This is the call of the messengers; the first of whom was Noah () concerning whom Allāh says: Certainly, We have sent Noah to his people, and he said: ‘O my people, worship Allāh; you have no deity other than Him.’ [Sūrah al-Aʿrāf 7:59] Until Muḥammad (r) who called to the worship of Allāh and the exclusive monotheistic worship of Him and to purifying the religion of Allāh.

So monotheism (tawḥīd) is the very foundation of the religion. So those who oppose it and worship other than Allāh and direct some of their worship to other than Him, they have not observed monotheism. The one who is a true monotheist worships Allāh exclusively and adheres to the etiquettes and obligations of Islām.”

Translated By: Abul-Layth Qāsim Mutiva

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