Sermons on “Reminders”

[Tele-Link] 5 Points of Benefit & Advice | Shaykh Fu’ād ibn Sa’ūd al-ʿAmrī

A tremendous tele-link lecture where the noble Shaykh Fu’ād ibn Sa’ūd al-ʿAmrī (may Allah preserve him) gave a series of 5 points of nasīhah to the community at Masjid Al-Wahyain MN. This took place on 02/21/16 organized by Masjid Al-Wahyain MN.

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Admonition for the Women – Class 01 | Abul-Layth

Class#1 of the beneficial text “Admonition for the Women” written by Shaykh Abdur-Razaaq Al-Badr (حفظه الله).

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Importance Of The Masjid | Umar Quinn

Beneficial lecture by our brother Umar Quinn surrounding the importance of the Masjid and some important advice surrounding embarking upon it’s establishment. He also touched upon some Islamic history pertaining to how the early communities were centralized around the Houses of Allah.

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