PAMPHLET: Why Am I Still Unhappy?

Tasfiyah & Tarbiyah Pamphlet Series: 

Our 1st flyer project is a noble project at Masjid Al-Wahyain set to deliver important Islamic information to Muslims and Non-Muslims alike in the city of Minneapolis/St.Paul & globally as well. Especially in a time where many are looking for happiness though false mediums and fruitless sources, this informative pamphlet highlights a few points on the essence of life and its purpose;

  • Deeds are weighed in accordance to the will of the creator
  • The Reason for creation of the universe
  • Everything created will return to the creator
  • The fruits of worship & servitude to the creator
  • The true system of Justice
  • The Unified Message of All of the Prophets
  • The Danger of Ignoring the Message of All the Prophets
  • The role of the prophet is not restricted to worship
  • The wisdom behind events that are commonly perceived as evil
  • Trials & tribulation lead up to a divine conclusion

PDF: Why-Am-I-Still-Unhappy


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