Maktabah Al-Wahyain Shipping Campaign


With a growing community here at Masjid Al-Waḥyain in St. Paul, Minnesota, there has arisen a dire need for a library as well as educational resources. We all know the importance of knowledge and resources in building a strong Salafi community. By the permission of Allah, we have been able to embark upon the task of establishing a library for the Masjid.

The development of the library will involve the following phases:


For almost a year now, representatives of Masjid al-Wahyain have been receiving numerous book donations from several different institutions, charitable organizations and independent donors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These books are currently being stored in Riyadh.

The books are in the Arabic language and include the following:

  • Works & explanations of the scholars in various fields [e.g., aqeedah, seerah, fiqh, usul, etc.]
  • Reference books
  • Fatāwā compilations of the scholars of the past & present [volumes]
  • Tafsīr explanations [volumes]
  • Other miscellaneous treatises & works
Status: COLLECTED over 20+ large boxes of books 


The collection of books donated to Masjid al-Wahyain has become so large that it can no longer be stored and must be shipped immediately.The leadership of the Masjid has decided that the best way to ship the books would be in smaller, incremental shipments in order to minimize the shipping costs and to expedite shipment of the books.


For these reasons, Masjid al-Wahyain is pleased to announce the Maktabah al-Wahyain shipping campaign. The goal of this fundraising campaign is to generate awareness about the Maktabah al-Wahyain library project and to raise the necessary funds to ship the collection of books from Riyadh to St. Paul, Minnesota.

In order to achieve this goal, the administration of the Masjid seeks to raise funds for small, individual shipments that can be sent to America via Saudi Mail. In order to maintain transparency, the Masjid plans to announce the cost of each shipment by posting each waybill and to also provide updates and pictures of the developing library via social media until the final shipment has been received. 

It is hoped that whoever is able to support this endeavor might donate something regardless of how small it may be.

We pray that Allah aids and gives success to this project, and we ask Allah to bless and reward all of those who contribute to the establishment of this extremely beneficial library! Ameen.

Masjid Al-Wahyain Administration


TOTAL: $5,000

This will include: 

  • Shipping of Majority of the Library 
  • Shelving to Organize Books

Donate to assist in making this project a reality in Minnesota!


  • March 2015: Books have started being collected.
  • Jan 2016: To date, we have acquired over 20+ large boxes of Arabic books for the library. Received a large$3,000 donation toward completing the project. May Allah reward the donor with jannatul firdaws!
  • Jan 2016: Begin Launching a campaign internationally to help complete the Library Project.
  • Feb 3 2016: A number of donations recieved to this projecct! $923 remaning to help initial shipment.