Maktabah Al-Wahyain Shipping Campaign [Update 2-3-2016]

– Latest Developments as of 24th of Rabiʿ uth-Thānī 1437 hijri [2/03/2016]

Within the last few days of the Maktabah al-Waḥyain Shipping Campaign, we have seen a lot of support locally and internationally to support this tremendous project. The multiple benefits this library will provide the community are many, and we sincerely thank all of those who have supported the Masjid thus far in this tremendous project.

Recently there have been some significant milestones and progress and we wish to share that with all who have been following this project.

– Update [2-03-2016]:

  • Collection (over $4,000!): Since we launched the campaign on the 20th of Rabiʿ uth-Thānī [1/30/16] we have been able to collect by the permission of Allah over $4,000 toward our initial goal to initiate the shipping process & begin setting-up a process of organizing the books.
  • Remaining Funds Needed: $923
  • Shipping Prep: Re-boxing and organizing for the books has begun by representatives in Saudi Arabia to prepare the books to be shipped in sha Allah [see images below].
  • Organization: We are looking onto organization of the library at Masjid Al-Wahyain. Setting up shelving, organizing & cataloging the books etc. Updates will be provided as it develops in sha Allah.


Video of the books re-packaged in the boxes for shipment to Minnesota! May Allah bless all those who have donated so far and supported this endeavor! Ameen.

Read more about this project or donate to help complete it.

Maktabah al-Wahyain Library Project


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