Maktabah Al-Wahyain Shipping Campaign [Update #2 | 2-18-2016]

– Latest Developments as of  [2/18/2016]

In the last few weeks, the Maktabah Al-Wahyain Library Project has seen some tremendous progress. Below  is a summary of the latest developments with the project.

– Update [2-18-2016]:

  • Book Shipment Has Begun! : We have begun the process of shipping the collection of books to Masjid Al-Wahyain al hamdu lillah!
    • Box#1: Arrived Feb 11th, 2016
    • Box #2: Arrived Feb 17th, 2016
    • Box#3 & 4: In Transit in sha Allah from KSA [dispatched 2/16/18]
  • Remaining Funds Needed: $773
  • Organization: Developments have taken place to setup shelving & organization of books. Updates to come soon in sha Allah.
Project Transparency 

– As part of our effort to stay transparent regarding this project, we will continue  to update the community locally & internationally regarding the progress in sha Allah.

  • Posting the Waybill of each shipment [as we have so far with the first 2 shipments via Twitter]
  • Announcements of Shipment Dispatch
  • Announcements of Box Arrivals

As the library slowly comes together, we would like to thank all of the brothers and sisters who have been part of the project thus far in any way, and we ask Allah to reward tremendously all who have donated to begin the shipping process of this womderful collection of books as a resource for the community! Ameen.

Stay tuned for more updates as developments progress.

Images of Shipment Arrival [As of 2-18-16]

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