PART 1: Qur’an Memorization

Our weekend Qur’an memorization is aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to work toward memorizing the entire book of Allah. With a set of teachers who have established a strong curriculum for memorization, we hope to build future huffadh (memorizers) of the qur’an as a foundation for their future study of the religion.

PART 2: Islamic Studies

Our Islamic studies program is aimed at providing the students with the foundations for their religion. Our classes are structured on 3 main levels, and students are placed in classes accordingly. We provide workbooks and encourage study of the lessons on a regular basis. Students are assessed periodically to gage their progress in the classes. The following is a snapshot of some of the texts and materials we cover in the SIlamic Studies portion;

  • Aqeedah [Islamic Creed]
    • Usool uth-Thalathah [Sh. Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab]
    • Teaching Childeren At-Tawheed [Sh. Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab]
    • Laamiyyah ibn Taymiyyah [Memorization]
  • Fiqh [Rulings of Worship]:
    • Mulakhas al-Fiqhi [Summary of Fiqh – Sh. Saalih al-Fawzan]
    • Minhaj as-Salikeen [Path of the Wayfarer – Imam as-Sa’di]
    • Taharah & Salah [Various resources on Salah & Purufication for the youth]
  • Mahaj / Hadeeth [Mehodology / Hadeeth]:
    • Prophetic Haddeth on Aqeedah & Manhaj [Sh. Rabee’]
  • Akhlaaq / Adaab [Mannerisms / Character]:
    • Selected Supplications of the Day & Night
  • Seerah [Islamic History]:
    • Stories from Riyaadh us-Saliheen [Sh. Uthaymeen]

Note: Students will be provided materials and resources based upon semester requirements

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