[Article]: This is How Shaykh ʿAwājī al-Muhjarī –may Allāh have mercy upon him- Mentored Us | Shaykh ʿAlī ibn Yaḥyá al-Ḥaddādī


Shaykh ʿAlī ibn Yaḥyá al-Ḥaddādī:

All praise is due to Allāh, and may the prayers of peace and blessings of Allāh be upon the Messenger of Allāh as well as his family and companions and all those who aligned themselves with him.

To proceed:

Whoever knew Shaykh ʿAwājī –may Allāh have mercy upon him- knew of his care and dedication to calling the people to good. He commanded them with good and forbade them from evil. His efforts in this regard extended to include the region of Jāzān with all its mountains and valleys as well as all its cities and villages. He was very determined and active without showing signs of fatigue or weariness.

In the beginning of this century of the Hijrī calendar, Shaykh ʿAwājī was very concerned about the cultivation of the youth and taking care of them. He did this specifically through his summer youth centers and his summer camps which were affiliated with the Ministry of Education at that time.

The Shaykh tirelessly exerted himself in an effort to protect the youth when the partisan (ḥizbī) ideologies emerged rearing their ugly faces and when they began to show their poisonous fangs. He did so, particularly during the days of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait while also cooperating with the two esteemed scholars Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmi and Shaykh Zayd-al-Madkhali – may Allah have mercy upon them all.

And when I look back upon my memories of those days that have passed, I recall the Shaykh planted in us the seeds of love for Islāmic knowledge and the Salafī creed as well as allegiance for the nation and hatred for groups and parties at the heads of which were the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn) and Jamāʿah al-Tablīgh. He did so in several ways.


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