[Announcement]: New Books for 2016 Madrasah Curriculum – Level 2 & Level 3

New Islamic Studies Books

Our Islamic studies program is aimed at providing the students with the foundations for their religion. Classes in the Madrasah are structured on 3 main levels, and students are placed in classes accordingly.

We are excited to announe our new set of curriculum books for 2016. We have begun a new semester and are using the curriculum of the noble Shaykh Abu Abdil-A’laa Khaalid Uthmaan al-Misree (may Allah preserve him).

Our level 3 boys & girls will be beginning their semester in sha Allah with the book “Teaching Children the Aqeedah of the Salaf”, from the books of the noble Shaykh Khaalid Uthmaan, aimed at cultivating the youth upon a sound aqeedah, the aqeedah of the early generations. This book is geared and structured to build a base of the youth to properly understand the correct creed, with wording & structure suitable for their age.

Level 2/3: Teaching Children the Aqeedah of the Salaf

Some of the topics covered in the lessons are listed below;

Preview of Topics Covered

  • What is the meaning of Tawhid? 
  • The Meaning of Islam, Emaan & Ihsaan 
  • The Meaning of the Testimony: None Has The Right to Be Worshiped Except Allah 
  • Do Not Swear Except By Allah Alone
  • Who Are the Jews & The Christians?
  • Allah is One in His Essence & His Attributes
  • Allah Loves the Muttaqeen, & Muhsineen & Saabireen
  • Allah is Above the Magnificent Throne
  • Allah The Exalted And High Descends At The End Of The Night To The Lowest Heaven
  • And much more topics .. 

Students will be reqired to do the following;

  • Read along with teacher,
  • Take notes,
  • Memorize definitions,
  • Turn-in exercises and homework,
  • Do monthly/ Bi-Monthly group projects (as assigned)

Madrasatul-Wahyain is located in the Masjid Al-Wahyain building. For more on the Madrasah, please see the madrasah links on the webpage;

Madrasatul-Wahyain MN [Islamic Weekend School]


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